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At Advanced Machine, we prioritize precision and affordability in our cutting services. We guarantee competitive pricing, surpassing our competitors to ensure your satisfaction.

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Cutting Capabilities:

  • Fiber Lasers:

Our Fiber Lasers wield cutting power from 1-12KW, delivering quality cuts up to 1” thickness. The table size for these lasers measures 5x10’.

  • Water Jet Cutting:

For designs exceeding 1” thickness, we provide high-quality waterjet cutting on a 14x5’ table.


Materials and Specifications:

We cater to a diverse range of materials. Simply provide us with details including material type, thickness, and your design drawing for a quote. Should your project require bending or machining, please include these specifications in the drawing. For any queries or additional information, share your notes in the comments section. We will promptly provide a quote and address any questions you might have.

Get in Touch:

Our team of skilled engineers is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us at 770-252-5535 for inquiries regarding our services, your design, or application.

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