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Welcome to Advanced Machine's groundbreaking innovation in die storage – introducing the first-ever fully automated Die Storage system designed to revolutionize die changes directly on a press for the Carpet Tile and LVT industry.




In manufacturing, die changes cause significant production stoppages, leading to up to an hour of downtime. Our cutting-edge Die Storage Magazine eliminates this bottleneck, streamlining die changes to under 3 minutes.

Here is the Die Storage Magazine switching Die’s on our customer’s press.



Key Features:

  • Minimized Press Downtime: Reduces downtime significantly during die changes.

  • Fully Automated: Eliminates human intervention, ensuring a safer and more efficient process.

  • Customizable Magazine: Stores up to 12 dies, offering tailored solutions for varying production needs.

  • RFID Technology: Enables precise tracking of die locations within the magazine and on the press.

  • Cut Tracking: Monitors cuts made by each die for comprehensive production analysis.

  • Integration Flexibility: Can be seamlessly connected or disconnected to the cutting line.

At Advanced Machine, we are dedicated to enhancing manufacturing efficiency. Our Die Storage Magazine represents a paradigm shift, optimizing production processes and minimizing downtime, ensuring your operations run seamlessly.

Magazine 3.jpg
Magazine 2.jpg
Magazine 1.jpg
Magazine 5.jpg
Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative Die Storage Magazine can transform your manufacturing workflow.
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